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Long time looker, first time poster... 
09:04pm 25/11/2006
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I’ve been a member of this for a while but haven’t ever posted, so it’s about time I livened things up here I guess.

This was actually for a film project; it was for a sociology experiment examining how a well spoken engaging lawyer rather than evidence can affect a jury. It was a really interesting project, but unfortunately our production was plagued with problems. One of whom was ‘Jill’. She was playing our Judge, she had very little to do, other than say typical court things like ‘the court will now take a brief recess’. She was however an older lady that was pedantic in the extreme. I should have known she would be difficult to work with when she replied to my casting call with the grammar corrected.
Asides the usual problems of showing up late and unprepared to rehearsals, she also took it upon herself to interrupt our run-throughs pointing out grammar flaws in the script, saying ‘they hurt her ears’. We argued that certain characters wouldn’t speak with perfect grammar, to no avail. We could count on wasting a good 15 minutes of any rehearsal telling her she could not call ‘objection!’ when someone said ‘Me and Steve went out that night’ instead of ‘Steve and I…’ Jill also felt the need to comment that the woman running the experiment shouldn’t have picked video to use for the experiment because since she was blind, she wouldn’t be able to understand it.

All in all a royal pain the rear to deal with.

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11:59am 23/05/2006
  From stage_managers:

Have you ever had to stop a show?

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Bad me. 
01:31am 20/01/2006
  Horror story from my...junior year in high school? -checks website- alright, apparently it was in November 2001, and therefore I was a sophomore. God, my memory is going. So around four years ago...

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*sheepish grins* Sorry. LJ-Cut issue. Here is my first horror story in gory detail. 
01:30am 03/01/2006
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For instance, during a production of "A Christmas Carol" at a Theatre-in-the-Round, I was descending the stairs backstage to get into one of the tunnels to be ready for a scene change, since the actors are the tech crew and all, when to my dismay, I stepped upon the hem of my dress and slid all the way down a flight of stairs on my knees.

Now, to elaborate on this, it was the beginning of the Ghost of Christmas Past sequence on stage, so what the audience heard was approximately this:

"I am the Ghost of Christmas--*bangbumpsmashplotzow*"

I was fine, but I felt so mortified because of course everyone cme running to make sure I was all right.

I have since become far more graceful.

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03:14pm 01/01/2006
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Hello everybody, found y'all through random searching (searching for "sondheim" in interests, if you must know), and I thought "Huzzah! People to find me amusing!" So here I am and yes.

My name is Abby, I'm a teenage actor from California, and have been doing theatre for as long as I can remember, so yes, I have a nearly endless store of horror stories.

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my first posting 
01:34am 19/12/2005
  I stumbled on this community quite by accident, and was quite amused. So I joined and am now making my first post.

I am an actor, writer, and director, and have been since 1990. To that end, I have a veritable shit ton of horror stories from the stage. In fact, I could probably write a very amusing novel about a 2003 production of Lee Blessing's Fortinbras, a play that is now considered cursed by virtually everyone involved in that show. We had actors quitting. We had to do rewrites to compensate for the fact that some of the events on stage were simply not possible because the theatre building we were working in turned out to be decrepit.

Seriously, with this one show, I have a million of them.

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11:15pm 12/11/2005
  okay, i go to a highschool that had a really good drama program, we go all out on everything (ie making it rain on stage), a fully functional book (opens closes, flys in and out) well, this book was 8 feet wide and 12 feet tall, it was huge, and was made out of wood, so it weighed a ton, we were getting ready to hang it on the rail to fly it, when our sm (whos was a complete bumblefuck) decides to move the border in front of the rail we need, well our ropes technician just added the needed weight onto the rail for the book (i think it weighed about 900 pounds, (not kidding, we put weights in the back of the book near the bottom to keep it from tipping forward and taking out the entire cast, as amusing as that would have been), well, he took the safety off and all of a sudden he's gone, all we saw were his legs flailing as they raced toward the ceiling, well, we have an upper loading gallery, this kid flew all the way up, and missed the loading gallery by about 6 inches (if he had hit it he would have been killed instantly, well our td screams hold on harry, and the kid slides down about 35-40 feet with bare hands, he was bleeding all over, it was sooooo funny tho.
another time working on the same show, which was seussical, i had to be in the cat that was over the audience and the stage (we have a large pointed thrust stage that puts the scene about 1/2 into the house) i needed to drop the clover into this large field of them in the middle of the stage, i had to practically hang of the cat, i never missed my mark, but on the last sat show, as i was trying to conceal myself from being seen, because everyone would always look up at the ceiling to see where it came from, well, i hit the back of my head on the pipe that we hung the lights on, made a rather loud thud, well, the cat has a clearance of about 3 to in certain spots 5 feet, well, i was a little disoriented and whacked my head into a girder, and to add insult to injury i backed up into another girder, so now i have no clue which way was up and i still needed to climb a ladder down about two stories or so to get to the stage, i had no headset to ask for assistance, so i climbed down, i told my td what had happened and he also is the coach for the womens soccer team, so he knows how to check for concussions, so he was pretty sure i had one, so he called my parents to let them know, when i threw up all over the place in the lobby. this wouldn't have been so bad, but it was intermission by then....and i had to go to the hospital and i missed the cast party.
in a show they did(i think it was sweet charity) before i was there, one of the dance hall girls body mics battery exploded during her scene during a performance, well she was being burned by battery acid down her back and she kept singing and dancing, and the audience never knew....i give that girl a lot of respect for being able to do that.

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10:14pm 24/10/2005
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So I'm so happy I found a community like this. Tech rules my life.

Anyways, so the other day we were building some freames for the set that we're making. Normally, I would have been the one operating the nail gun, as I am Master Carpenter. But, I had been sick lately, and therefore was very high on anti-histamines and the like. So, another guy was operating the nail gun, and I held the wood together for him to nail.

This nail gun is one of the orneriest SOB's I've ever met. It once quadruple-fired because I wasn't perfectly square over it. Anyways, so this time it double fires and in the wrong direction, so the nail goes through the wood and into my finger at the inside of the first joint. I'm so high on my over the counter drugs, however, that I look at my profusely bleeding hand, and think "Hey, that's kinda cool." After that it hurt a little, but the blood stopped quickly and I just kept working.

Well, the next morning I realize that my finger from the wound to the tip is numb, and that it hurt very badly to touch said wound. Therefore, I spent the rest of the day alternatly rubbing the numb finger to feel the sensation, and pressing really hard on the wound.

That was a week ago. I still have yet to regain feeling in the finger, and my mom thinks that there is permanent nerve damgae, and tells me that if my finger stops working properly, then we should go to a hospitol or something. I just think it's cool.

I am amused by the idea that I could lose a finger. Then I could be like a real carpenter, and if someone asks how my day is going, I could hold up my hands and say "I still have all nine!"


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06:57am 10/07/2005
  The Show: David and Lisa
The Drama: Techie and Actor having illicit affair.
The Crazy Plot Twist: Actor is in a relationship, Techie had no idea. Techie inadverently becomes other woman.

The Encore: Actor was not well endowed to say the least, so "4 and a quarter [inches]" became the running joke for cast and crew. Oh yes, Mr. God's Gift a.k.a. When I Grow Up I Want To Be Davey Havok, wasn't packing much in his pants.

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12:46am 23/05/2005
  I feel like a bad, neglectful person for not posting in the community that I half-created. That said, I'd really like to see some of the other members post stories too. We're up to 18 at the moment, half of whom I know, and two of whom (aside from me) have posted stories.

C'mon, share your pain. It's therapeutic. Or something. My psychologist says that talking about it makes it better. Then again, he also said I should go for "more of a mainstream girl," so I'm not sure how much he really knows about me.

Anyway, onto the story!


So, throughout my life, I have been burned--I mean really, physically, caused-by-fire burned--more times than I can recall. Yet I have no scars to show from any of them. None whatsoever. Freakish, no?

Well, when I was in high school working on a fundraiser show at the B'Hai center in Los Angeles for the Tahireh Association, I accidentally added one to my tally.

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And then I wound up not using that light during the show. Ironic, no?

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My Turn 
05:11pm 30/04/2005
  Been racking my memory for a really good story, so I had to go wayyyy back into the ol' Froshman horrour vault.
It was my first show, and I was a "runner" backstage [read: bitchwork] but I was all happy and excited to be involved in some way. Plus, the show was quite small, and there were perhaps 14-15 people in total involved on the show night, so it was nice and low key, a perfect start for easing into things.
We were putting on Roshomon and things were going fairly well, until intermission. The guy playing the wigmaker [let's call him Mr. Smith shall we?] ran backstage, and as I was the only left [that's what I get for not smoking] he strides towards me, his messy hair flying everywhere, reaches out and points a finger at me and shouts, "You!"
I wanted to die right then. I had no idea what was going on, but I just said, "Yes?"
"Staple my pants!"
Yes, he wanted me to staple... his... pants.
What had happened was that the stitching on the sides of his pants had come undone halfway through the first act, and he was holding them together until intermission. But, lacking the time or skill to re-sew his pants that fast, we had to improvise and use a stapler. He stripped down and threw the pants at me, and strode out for his own nicotine break sans pants.
I of course, grabbed the stapler, and stapled the side seams back together, so he wouldn't have to go onstage naked, although, frankly, I'm sure Mr. Smith would not have cared all that much.

It was still a fun show, but a very interesting way to be inducted into the mad mad world of backstage goings on.

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Another HS Story 
08:46pm 17/04/2005
  My sophomore year of high school, we put on "Romeo & Juliet."

The first line of the play went to a kid named Skaii. Skater/stoner kid. Good heart, no brains. Good guy, all the same.

All he had to say was "Gregory, o' my word, we'll not carry coals." That would have gotten us off to a running start.

Every rehearsal, he had no problem with it. He knew his lines, was good on his blocking, and even good on his fight choreography.

Opening night comes. Curtain rises, lights come up, Skaii comes onstage...

...and freezes. I mean a deer in the headlights would look like a fleeing rabbit compared to this kid. Poor guy looked absolutely terrified.

Then, insult was added to injury.

"Just make it up, dear!" The cry came from the back of the audience, where our teacher/director was standing.


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Nail Guns 
11:54pm 14/03/2005
  For those of you who read my journal, you know that a nail gun recently tried to bite me.

Well, I've decided that I'm a jynx when it comes to nail guns.

It almost happened again, and had I not been holding my fingers deliberately out of the path of any misfired projectiles I would have been in serious pain.

Then, a few minutes later, one of the shop supervisors (a faculty member) was helping out because somehow the 2x4 that was being used for a piece of framework got twisted like a spiral. He put a guard piece in between the nail gun and his body, and sure enough the damn nail gun double-fired again--launching a nail directly into the guard that had been put in place. Had the guard not been there, the poor man would have had a three-inch nail lodged in his genitals.

*sigh* fucking Mondays.

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09:06am 13/03/2005
  MY TURN!!!
Last November, I was cast as Yente in Fiddler on the Roof, directed by a woman whose name I wish I could mention to spare you all from ever having to work with her.
I will start with her casting decisions.
Tevye: Poor farmer. Probably not getting to eat much, yes? Who did she cast? She had Guy 1)he had won a national competition at Disney World performing "If I Were a Rich Man", Guy 2) Wanted the role badly enough to spend all summer long growing out his beard, or Guy 3)Funny fat white guy.
Chava: The pivotal daughter who upheld the law, was her fathers favorite child, and fell in love with a Russian Soldier when the Russians were making all the Jewish leave their lands. Has a hard scene to watch in which she begs Tevye to allow her to stay in the family and he refuses. Girl 1)Very sweet girl. All she knows how to be is sweet. 2) Well....she can sing... Girl 3) In doing the scene in which she is disowned, she cried on stage during a cold read audition. She can sing, she can dance, and she can act.


The director's day to day trade was choreography, so the show was danced well. However, she never gave any of us character direction. Ever. We never even had a read through. The week before the play opened she sat us all down to "tell us the story" and also the order in which the scenes went.
The four of us who managed to salvage bad direction and come up with characters on our own (Golde, Yente, Perchik, and Avram) didn't have enough direction to really pull out the strong sense of tradition you're supposed to get from Fiddler. She even added kissing scenes for the daughters who fall in love, even though that would've NEVER been done in that community at that time.

OH! And on the posters, the director called it a "Musical Comedy".

Shoot me!

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First Post 
02:34am 13/03/2005
mood: blah
I'll start off this community with a gem from my high school years.

I was a sophomore in high school and working on "Romeo and Juliet." I was both the ASM and Friar Laurence.

About a week before we opened, we were installing our set and setting everything up for our tech and dress rehearsals. For this, we had some large ivy vines that had to be cut down to the right size, and my drama teacher had graciously allowed me to use his Swiss Army Knife to that end.

I cut a few vines and took them over to the set piece that they would be stapled to so that I could make sure they were the right length. To do this I needed both hands, and so I set down the knife.


I walk back to the table with the full vines to find the knife gone. Then, a few seconds later, I felt the sharp press of a fine point in my back just about where my right kidney is. I tense up, and then whirl around to my left, knocking the arm away from my body with my left arm as I complete the 180-degree turn to face my would-be attacker. I find myself face-to-face with a freshman in the class who thought it would be real funny to pretend like he was going to stab me in the back.

Five minutes of chasing him around the room, followed by approx. one minute of holding him against the wall by his throat and threatening to beat the crap out of him, and the situation never happened again, although said actor stayed in the class and continued to annoy the hell out of me for the next year and a half.

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