Xach (stagemonster) wrote in saymacbeth,

Another HS Story

My sophomore year of high school, we put on "Romeo & Juliet."

The first line of the play went to a kid named Skaii. Skater/stoner kid. Good heart, no brains. Good guy, all the same.

All he had to say was "Gregory, o' my word, we'll not carry coals." That would have gotten us off to a running start.

Every rehearsal, he had no problem with it. He knew his lines, was good on his blocking, and even good on his fight choreography.

Opening night comes. Curtain rises, lights come up, Skaii comes onstage...

...and freezes. I mean a deer in the headlights would look like a fleeing rabbit compared to this kid. Poor guy looked absolutely terrified.

Then, insult was added to injury.

"Just make it up, dear!" The cry came from the back of the audience, where our teacher/director was standing.

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