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*sheepish grins* Sorry. LJ-Cut issue. Here is my first horror story in gory detail.

For instance, during a production of "A Christmas Carol" at a Theatre-in-the-Round, I was descending the stairs backstage to get into one of the tunnels to be ready for a scene change, since the actors are the tech crew and all, when to my dismay, I stepped upon the hem of my dress and slid all the way down a flight of stairs on my knees.

Now, to elaborate on this, it was the beginning of the Ghost of Christmas Past sequence on stage, so what the audience heard was approximately this:

"I am the Ghost of Christmas--*bangbumpsmashplotzow*"

I was fine, but I felt so mortified because of course everyone cme running to make sure I was all right.

I have since become far more graceful.
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