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First Post

I'll start off this community with a gem from my high school years.

I was a sophomore in high school and working on "Romeo and Juliet." I was both the ASM and Friar Laurence.

About a week before we opened, we were installing our set and setting everything up for our tech and dress rehearsals. For this, we had some large ivy vines that had to be cut down to the right size, and my drama teacher had graciously allowed me to use his Swiss Army Knife to that end.

I cut a few vines and took them over to the set piece that they would be stapled to so that I could make sure they were the right length. To do this I needed both hands, and so I set down the knife.


I walk back to the table with the full vines to find the knife gone. Then, a few seconds later, I felt the sharp press of a fine point in my back just about where my right kidney is. I tense up, and then whirl around to my left, knocking the arm away from my body with my left arm as I complete the 180-degree turn to face my would-be attacker. I find myself face-to-face with a freshman in the class who thought it would be real funny to pretend like he was going to stab me in the back.

Five minutes of chasing him around the room, followed by approx. one minute of holding him against the wall by his throat and threatening to beat the crap out of him, and the situation never happened again, although said actor stayed in the class and continued to annoy the hell out of me for the next year and a half.
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****And that's why we don't let the froshies around shit they can hurt themselves with or others.

Like circular saws and pnumatic nail guns.
and women.
Hopefully by that you mean no froshies around women, not no women aroundthe tools.

I can handle a saw better than most men; it just takes time for the n00bs to get the handle of things.
I bet we could go on for approximately five years without running out of stories containing dumb freshmen.
I also think I could create an entirely new community with which to ONLY post stories about primadonnas.


March 14 2005, 22:56:08 UTC 12 years ago

Dude, if you are still holding in pent up actor agression, or any agression for that matter, from your sophmore year of high school, or any year of high school for that matter, you need to LET IT GO. I mean. . . don't you have bigger concerns? Like. . . your future?
Somebody needs a hug.
We're a storytelling community. It's a way *to* let go of things. And then look back and laugh.

Try it, maybe you'll feel better then.