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Bad me.

Horror story from my...junior year in high school? -checks website- alright, apparently it was in November 2001, and therefore I was a sophomore. God, my memory is going. So around four years ago...

In my sophomore year, my high school put on "Bye Bye Birdie". As everything else was in my school's drama program, it was rather...sloppy. Props were falling apart, lines were forgotten, songs were not practiced enough. I fancied myself amazing in the role of Rosie, and the play went off without any [unexpected] hitches. On what I believe was the second night [again, memory problems], during a set change, something went horribly wrong.

One of our cast members was a boy in a wheelchair, who was in my grade. Set changes, as you are all well aware, I'm sure, are generally done in the dark. In the middle of one involving much of the cast, a crash was heard and the audience screamed. The lights went back up...and there on the ground was the aforementioned boy in the wheelchair.

I attempted not to cry [though the middle-schoolers didn't hold back] as an ambulance came to take him away...the show went on once he had departed. He ended up with a concussion.

Now, we were all rather traumatized by this...until we had a reason to be angry instead.

You see, the boy admitted to having done it on purpose, for attention. I kid you not. He ended up with a concussion, and his shenanigans became a school joke. However, I will never forget it as my crappiest theatre experience ever.

That I can remember right now, anyway. ♥
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