Xach (stagemonster) wrote in saymacbeth,

Nail Guns

For those of you who read my journal, you know that a nail gun recently tried to bite me.

Well, I've decided that I'm a jynx when it comes to nail guns.

It almost happened again, and had I not been holding my fingers deliberately out of the path of any misfired projectiles I would have been in serious pain.

Then, a few minutes later, one of the shop supervisors (a faculty member) was helping out because somehow the 2x4 that was being used for a piece of framework got twisted like a spiral. He put a guard piece in between the nail gun and his body, and sure enough the damn nail gun double-fired again--launching a nail directly into the guard that had been put in place. Had the guard not been there, the poor man would have had a three-inch nail lodged in his genitals.

*sigh* fucking Mondays.
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