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Say Macbeth

Horror Stories From the Stage

Say Macbeth: Horror Stories From the Stage
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This is a community created by stagemonster and tashijo. The purpose of this community is to tell all of us out here in LJ-land what your horror stories are from various shows. You know the type, the stories that everybody else finds funny because it didn't happen to them, and now that they're just stories you can find them funny too. This can mean anything ranging from high school theatre to B'way, if you so choose. Stories can range from the mundane to the extraordinary (the gods actually appeared and mucked up your show!). Just a few simple rules:

1. Golden Rule. Be nice. If you don't have anything nice to say, take it to your therapist. This is not to say that criticism isn't welcome, but keep it kind and constructive, or take it elsewhere.

2. LJ-cuts are your friend. Please spare our friends pages and keep anything not safe for work or children (language wise) and/or long stories behind a cut.

3. DO NOT USE FULL/REAL NAMES! People mentioned in these tales may still be active in The Industry, and it is not our place to pass judgement on whether or not they should be in the field that they are in. If somebody pissed you off, did something stupid, almost got you killed, or almost ruined the show, it still does not give you permission to libel them. Do not use a person's real name unless it's your own or you have their express permission. This is an offense that will get posts deleted on the spot, and the user will be warned once, banned the second time. Trust us, this is for your own protection as well as theirs.

And...uh...rules subject to change at any time.