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So I'm so happy I found a community like this. Tech rules my life.

Anyways, so the other day we were building some freames for the set that we're making. Normally, I would have been the one operating the nail gun, as I am Master Carpenter. But, I had been sick lately, and therefore was very high on anti-histamines and the like. So, another guy was operating the nail gun, and I held the wood together for him to nail.

This nail gun is one of the orneriest SOB's I've ever met. It once quadruple-fired because I wasn't perfectly square over it. Anyways, so this time it double fires and in the wrong direction, so the nail goes through the wood and into my finger at the inside of the first joint. I'm so high on my over the counter drugs, however, that I look at my profusely bleeding hand, and think "Hey, that's kinda cool." After that it hurt a little, but the blood stopped quickly and I just kept working.

Well, the next morning I realize that my finger from the wound to the tip is numb, and that it hurt very badly to touch said wound. Therefore, I spent the rest of the day alternatly rubbing the numb finger to feel the sensation, and pressing really hard on the wound.

That was a week ago. I still have yet to regain feeling in the finger, and my mom thinks that there is permanent nerve damgae, and tells me that if my finger stops working properly, then we should go to a hospitol or something. I just think it's cool.

I am amused by the idea that I could lose a finger. Then I could be like a real carpenter, and if someone asks how my day is going, I could hold up my hands and say "I still have all nine!"

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