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Long time looker, first time poster...

I’ve been a member of this for a while but haven’t ever posted, so it’s about time I livened things up here I guess.

This was actually for a film project; it was for a sociology experiment examining how a well spoken engaging lawyer rather than evidence can affect a jury. It was a really interesting project, but unfortunately our production was plagued with problems. One of whom was ‘Jill’. She was playing our Judge, she had very little to do, other than say typical court things like ‘the court will now take a brief recess’. She was however an older lady that was pedantic in the extreme. I should have known she would be difficult to work with when she replied to my casting call with the grammar corrected.
Asides the usual problems of showing up late and unprepared to rehearsals, she also took it upon herself to interrupt our run-throughs pointing out grammar flaws in the script, saying ‘they hurt her ears’. We argued that certain characters wouldn’t speak with perfect grammar, to no avail. We could count on wasting a good 15 minutes of any rehearsal telling her she could not call ‘objection!’ when someone said ‘Me and Steve went out that night’ instead of ‘Steve and I…’ Jill also felt the need to comment that the woman running the experiment shouldn’t have picked video to use for the experiment because since she was blind, she wouldn’t be able to understand it.

All in all a royal pain the rear to deal with.
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